Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New things

Hey all, Even though Dragnerve is now dead and gone... (still sad!) all the members are still out and about busying themselves in various projects.

Andy is now in a BRAND NEW band, a really cool doom metal band from Stoke newington. More info about that soon.

Paul and Rolly are doing the 'Secret Garden' 2012 festival as part of the backing for Illa Man. See his facebook page for details


You can keep track of what Paul's doing here

Lee is concentrating on his film career (his latest being "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, TOTAL RECALL and SKYFALL.... go and see them!!) and music side projects when he has free time.

Check out his youtube channel:here 



Soundclick for FREE downloads: (even some Dragnerve tunes for free too!) here

Here's Lee's version of "The Dark Knight Rises" :)



Saturday, 22 October 2011


Guys and Gals,

It is with an enormous amount of regret that we have to announce as of today, Dragnerve will be going on “Indefinite Hiatus”.

Unfortunately, the reality of the pressures of life, work and love are such that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to commit the time, care and attention needed that the band deserves. So we have decided that, if Dragnerve can’t continue with the four of us as it does now, then it just wouldn’t be Dragnerve…

However!! This isn’t completely the end! The love that we have for each other and the music we’ve created is WAY too strong to just walk away from. For a start, we’ve still got a bunch of unreleased new songs that we’re going to be polishing off and releasing over the next couple of months, via our website, Facebook, Myspace (…urrrgh!) and YouTube – we all thought it’d be a helluvah shame if some of these tracks never saw the light of day, so they will surface in some form in the not too distant future. And we will still be getting together to jam every once in a while, as and when everyone’s schedules permits... who knows – we may even pop out of retirement for the odd show on special occasions, assuming of course that we can get our shit together and if anyone will book us! ;-)

So - to everyone who has been with us along the way, everyone who supported us, came to the shows, bought T-Shirts (or bought us drinks!!) – we all want to say THANK YOU!!!! It’s been an awesome ride and we’ve nothing but love for you!!!

But for now, from the hairy and unfashionable Dragnerve boys, we have to say “Adieu”…

for now.

Andy, Lee, Rolly & Paul

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A HUGE THANK YOU.... all that came to the Monto Water Rats and showed us some love. We had a truely awesome time and can't wait until we're next on stage again. A special mention to those young upstarts Angel's Gate who opened up the night - they put on a great show - shame only 5 of us were there to witness it. Good work lads!

We're on the quiet side for a month or so as Rolly is off to China to go drink himself blind and tattoo any and everyone. Upon his return we'll be treading the boards once again. We'll keep you posted through all the regular channels.

Here are some snaps of the night. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Transformers Theme Song by Dragnerve - metal version!!!!

Hey all!

We thought we'd take a bit of a break from editing and mixing of our new tracks (and there are many!!!) and do something a bit different and FUN! So....'s our updated 2010 metal cover version of Transformers Theme Song based on the classic and awesome original from Lion from the 1980's Transformers the Movie....except ours is a LOT HEAVIER!!!!

And as an EXTRA present to you all.... we have the mp3 of the Transformers Theme Tune (aswell as some of our other tunes!) too.... absolutely free!!! the only thing we ask is GIVE THEM TO EVERYONE!!!!! :)

MP3 download link:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is scheduled for release on July 1, 2011, directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg.

We DO NOT own the Transformers footage. This was taken from available trailers from Youtube.

Hope you all enjoy it!


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Andys Studio Diary - Days 3 and 4

Andys Studio Diary – Day 3

Welcome to Guitarland. Drums are done and dusted, Paulie is back at the Cubase helm, so now we begin our journey deep into the Valley of Strings.

We’re having to do things a little arse-about-face to begin with, as our very own Mr. R. Fingers has gone and got himself some proper gainful employment as a Tattoo Artist and, as the Universe undoubtedly has a perverse sense of humour, today is his first day on the job. Fear not – he’ll be back on the Manor later this week to fulfil his 5 string’d duties. I’m sure you’ll all join me in saying – Nice one Son!!!! Congratulations mate, let your talent shine through and you’ll be on to a winner. Can’t wait to get you back into DNHQ later in the week though. I’m feeling a little lost without my Hetero Life Partner…

Meanwhile, back in Guitarland, Leelo is pressing on with his trademark Booty Shaking/Face Stomping riffery. As I write this, it’s just gone 3pm and he’s in the process of adding a few embellishments (…that’s “Self-Indulgent Noodling” for the uninitiated) to Clueless and I’m finding it harder and harder to keep my head and my ass from shaking of their own accord. He’s evidently doing something very right indeed.

I myself am firmly back in the tender embrace of my always welcoming and eternal lover: Uselessness. With my comic foil and ever faithful sidekick starting his new job today, I am reduced a party of One, while Lee and Paulie huddle around Cubase like cliched Shakespearean Witches (…only hairier), doing “Things” and speaking a language I do not understand. Every once in a while, one of of them will rip their gaze from eerie blue glow of the monitor and look over at me, sitting quietly at the back of the room. This is invariably followed with a “…whudda you think?”.

The Prison Guards have whacked on the search light just as I’ve caught my nut-sack on the barbed wire at the top of the outer fence. I am On The Spot.

Shit! Should I admit I was paying zero attention (pre-occupied as I am with waffling in your general direction at the moment), or do I bluff it and nod enthusiastically, perhaps adding the odd “yeah man, like it” in response for good measure?

Of course the obvious answer is “PAY ATTENTION! ASS-HAT!” and it’s a fair argument to be sure. The problem is that as much as I love being here, doing what we’re doing and hanging out with the boys all day, by and large studio time is almost immeasurably dull. Until it’s your turn that is. Then very suddenly it becomes acutely stressful. So, blessed as I am with the natural attention span of a methed up Golfish with ADHD, you may be able to appreciate why I’m sitting here now, essentially writing about nothing.

…well, I guess that killed an hour or so at least. =)

--- Sorry, s’cuse me a second ---

Apologies, my invaluable skills were needed for about 1/8th of a second there.
I think, gentle reader, that it might be time to duck downstairs for a crafty fag and maybe even a (…dare I say it??) Beer? (…I said it)

Yes. Yes I think indeed it is.

As I write this, the time is hovering somewhere around the 1.15am mark, and we’ve been tracking guitars since about 11am… errrrm, technically yesterday morning now, I suppose…? I think that’s right? Quite honestly you could tell me I was a barn owl living in Guam and I’d probably believe you. All three of us are starting to lose our minds in very personal and specific ways.

Paul has been sitting in front of the speakers for so long that he can now only hear with his feet. My problems, I suspect, need no further embellishment and Lee has tied both his hair back and his beard forward in order to keep them away from his guitar, the upshot of which is no one’s longer sure which way he’s facing.

Confusingly forwardy/backwardy he may well be, but damn it all if he isn’t still going strong! I feel immense guilt here, as I half expected him to cry off shattered at about 9pm (…as did he, for that matter) but no!! It transpires that everyones favourite Wookie has been raped by the Energizer Bunny. Not only has he drastically surpassed everyone’s stamina expectations but he’s still shredding away at just under Mach 4.

Bear in mind the poor bastard has to do EVERYTHING at least twice but as I found out today, there’s a lot more everything than you’d expect. That could probably do with a bit of clarifying and to do this, I will need to bust out a spot on impression of that vacuous bint from the shampoo adverts. You ready?

…Now for the Science Bit.

God I hate her.

Anyway – using “Edge of Everything” as an example (primarily because we’re working on it at this very minute), when we play that song live and there’s just Lee and one guitar, there’s roughly around 15 separate riffs contained within it’s five and a half odd minutes.

However, within the luxury of the studio, we get to layer things up a bit – partly out of necessity to thicken up the sound of the recording a bit and partly because we can make things sound all fucking FAT and spanky!!

So, if we take double tracking as a start, those 15 single riffs suddenly become 30, and each take of each riff needs to fit and mesh identically. That’s for the main Lead guitar part.

Add another 30 (15x2) after that for the rhythm parts which sit underneath the lead – same rule of identical takes applies.

So you’ve got the meat and potatoes of the song there. Want to add any embellishments – swirls, harmonies, noodly-noodly solos etc? Then take each one of these little bits of icing on the cake and… yup – do them twice. …apart from solos for some reason but for the answer to that you’re better off asking Paul.

The final thing to consider here is that when you’re recording, your performance is under the fucking microscope in a fairly major way. Any tiny little mistake or variance, any dropped or unconvincing note, anything fractionally before or after the beat, even anything of the type that if you were playing live, no one (including yourself) would even notice, show up in day-glow beach wear, weighing 30 stone and waving huge banners that just say: YOU SUCK.

It’s hard fucking work, and having the rest of the band sitting around watching you and ONLY you play - judging each and every individual note for it’s singular worthiness and it’s position in relation to the whole – can, on occasion, tend towards the trifle stressful.

That, my friends, is a snapshot of what we (by we, I mean Lee) have been up today, and will be doing pretty much solidly for the next seven days as well.

…and you get to read all about it. Lucky you.


Andys Studio Diary - Day 4
Guitars – Day 2


Yesterday was painfully Epic. As was earlier this morning when we finally called it a day recording the guitars at around 3.45am. Lee did immensely well yesterday, pushed himself to the limit and to say we were proud of him would be a massive understatement.

Sensibly enough, not long after putting his guitar down he decided he’d had enough of consciousness for one day and went to bed down in the rehearsal room. A sage idea it was too, and one that Paul and I should probably have followed… but no – staying up till half 6 listening to music and generally taking bollocks seemed like a better idea at the time.

In retrospect it probably wasn’t.

Fair play to Paulie though – he was up at about 8 and him and Lee were back upstairs tracking guitars by about 9am. I, however, was completely oblivious to all of this, still fast asleep on a mattress downstairs in the middle of the warehouse. By the time they’d wandered back down shortly after 2pm to wake me up (by shoving a fucking camcorder in my face – cheers for that by the way boys…), Lee had already nailed Tribal and fancied a spot of lunch.

And so the saga continues. It’s racing towards early evening at time of writing and Leelo is up to nuts in riffery again. With Tribal put away, we’re about half way through Endless Strength, fucking moster of rolling grooves and shredification. Safe in his “Comfy Guitar Pants” and with his hair and face all backwardsy/forwardsy again, Dragnerves own Gandalf is once again off and running.

Considering he’s currently surviving on about 12 minutes sleep in the last 14 years, Paulie is remarkably fresh faced this afternoon. It’s fucking amazing actually because I got more shut-eye than both of them put together and doubled, and I’m currently in a crumpled heap on the Useless Sofa again.

I am seriously looking forward to my own bed and a shower (good GOD I need a shower!!) at some point but no doubt there’s a fair old way to go before the cleansing torrents of water blast this accumulated scum from my reeking dermal layer.

I… Feel… Shit.

Depending on how long we run on for, I may or may not make it home tonight but I’ve decided I’m not drinking alcohol today just in case I have to drive later. …there are other reasons of course, but that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. If we’re still here after 2am, I’m going to cut my losses and bed down in the warehouse again.

…so maybe I’ll have a couple of beers later if it looks like I’m kipping here.



…well, looks like my liver has been spared further punishment – when we hit about half nine tonight, our collective will just gave up and died, so I am home, sinking into the wonder that is my sofa and relishing being connected to the world again via t’interwebs.

Another successful day in the studio done - although I do feel like we cheated a bit because it’s only just turned midnight and we’re not still working.

Let’s see if I’m still saying that in a couple of days when it’s time to start on the vocals…

Nighty night world, more to follow tomorrow.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Andys Studio Diary - Day 2

Andys Studio Diary – Day 2

Well, it’s officially started. It’s officially official and everything. We are in the studio!! It’s built, everything works, jobs a good ‘un!! So I figured I waffle some bollocks about it all online.

Neat, huh??

…you may have noticed that day one is conspicuous by it’s absence. The reasons for this are twofold – firstly, due to circumstances beyond my control, I forgot my bastard laptop on day one. Win. And secondly, I was actually useful yesterday!

I know. Amazing isn’t it? “Singer Not Completely Redundant In Studio Shocker”, is what the headlines would have read, had any of the newspapers given a shit. Unbelievably, they didn’t. My moment of glory gone (no pun intended) unsung in the national press. That’ll teach print to be a dying medium, won’t it?!?!?! Who then now, bitches??!

…But I digress.

So here I am on day two, once again nestled in the familiar and comfortable bosom of being completely fucking useless. Unusually however, this state of affairs seems to have come about entirely of my own making today because… well, quite honestly – I’m spannered. With hardly a wink of sleep to my name over the last couple of days, coupled with the fact for the first time EVER I don’t have to drive home and can therefore drink beer (yay! by the way), I’ve relinquished my new found (and shockingly brief) Cubase Helmsman responsibilities for a higher calling. Namely; not ruining our album.

…And also drinking.

We did have a bit of a messy start yesterday though (not entirely my fault), which drew looooong into the evening/night/morning - basically until Paulie finally remembered how to play the drums. Yes I’m afraid to say “Red Light Fever” even effects the lofty heights of the hairy and unfashionable Dragnerve boys.

But yesterday was yesterday. Ancient History! Confident today in his reclaimed ability to actually play the fucking instrument he’s been mastering for the last 15 odd years, we’re flying now!! He’s nailed Clueless, Undone and A Life in Ashes so far today and I suspect we’ll have a couple more done by the time we all collapse in a heap. Credit to him though – “RLF” notwithstanding, he could not be stopped yesterday. My boy’s a machine - 16 some odd hours behind a drum-kit yesterday.

Absorb that for a moment: 16 hours.

And we’re not talking cheerful, little Ringo Starr-esque 4/4 happy-go-lucky gentleness here either. He is beating the shit out of that thing with all 4 limbs. Constantly. So it may have taken him a little while to get into his flow, but it was clear from the get go he wasn’t going to be stopped. Suffice to say he’s well into his flow now, and progress has been swift! We’ve got another couple of days for tracking drums in theory but we might end up well ahead of schedule before the day is out. Who knows – this time tomorrow, we could well be residents in Guitarland! This is great news for me, because I already know my turn at the plate is going to take… a while. “Red Light Fever” indeed.

Every once in a while, I have to take a step back and marvel at how incredibly lucky we are to have this place to work in. It’s been a hell of a slog both physically and mentally over the last 12 months or so, getting the warehouse up to snuff and all the various bits of kit in and working but now we’re here, recording in the bloody thing, I keep having little private moments of “…Holy Shit – this is OURS!!”.

We are very, very lucky boys indeed.

It smells in here

Sunday, 5 July 2009

News, Musings, Updates and general Sunday Morningness

Yo yo yo!! Morning everybody in Dragnerveland!!!

“Holy shit!!” I hear you cry, “These guys are STILL going?? What the fuck, no way? I figured they all just died or something?”

Ha-hahahaha!! No such luck ya bastards!! We’re still here, kicking it strong, holdin’ it down, keeping it real and indeed any number of other colloquial urban metaphors you’d care to dig up.
So… to answer your question (assuming you had one of course) – Yes, believe it or not we are very much still here - although I am painfully aware that it’s looked a little quiet in the Dragnerve camp recently!

Not a lot of gigs or… well, anything really happening over the last few weeks. I’ll admit right here that, personally, the whole lack of gigs thing has sucked.

Really. Big Time.

However, I am almost orgasmically pleased to report that it’s got fuck all to do with want of trying. Yes kiddies, that’s right – we’ve actually had to turn down shows!! Shock! Horror! Disgust! Apathy? Hell no!! You see, there be a plan a brewin’!

Believe it or not, over the past month or so literally thousands of people (oh alright… Hundreds? Bah! OK, OK, alright… several. …No?? Gah! FINE THEN… Three), have all been asking me:

“Dude, what’s going on? What’s the band up to?? When’s your next show??? How do you get your hair so frikkin’ awesome???? Can I be you?????”

Sadly for all those involved, I’ve largely been unable to help with the last two.

Sucks to be you.

However, as for the first three…? Well, wouldn’t ya know it - that just so happens to be the nub and crux of this latest disjointed, self-indulgent, rambling little soliloquy.

Now before we go any further Dear Reader, I feel it only fair to let you know at this stage, that last night was a particularly “Heavy One” and I have yet to snatch even the tiniest suggestion of a wink of sleep. Rest assured, I wouldn’t blame you at all for bailing out now because to be honest – if you’re hoping for anything even approaching a vaguely coherent thread or narrative… sorry – you may be in the wrong place. For those of you planning on sticking around for a little bit, I’d be really grateful if you could just go right ahead and forget everything you were ever taught about spelling, punctuation and grammar as well. I can assure you I have.

Right then! Now that’s all sorted out, I can plough onwards, labouring under the misapprehension that anyone at all is anywhere near with me at this point… but totally guilt free!! After all, I did warn ya. Woo hooo!!

Ah-hem. Yeah, so anyway… back to my original point. I’m pretty sure there was one in there somewhere?

Yes! Stuff!!


So don’t be disappointed, disheartened, disgruntled or dis-anything for that mater, at our total lack of everything. It might LOOK to the casual observer like we’re nothing but a bunch of hairy, apathetic, shiftless layabouts but God-Dammit, we’ve been busy none the less!!

“Prove it!!” screamed the mob.

Well… no. I can’t. But what I CAN do is tell you what we’ve been doing, and I’m afraid you’ll just have to bloody well take our word for it, ‘K? ‘K.

One word: Album.

Yup - the time was right. It HAD to be done, really. Our little Freebie 5 track Demo thing (get it a kiddies if you haven’t already. And if you haven’t then you bloody well SHOULD… loser) we’ve been shilling around has served us well but it’s been doing the rounds for AGES! Paul and Lee really worked their balls off recording, mixing and polishing that little gem. And they did an awesome job, no two ways. Have to say, it’s fucking handy as hell having a fully qualified sound engineer and… ermmmm… a dude with a really big beard in the band (hehehe…). Still though, at the end of the day those tracks were what they were – Demo Tracks.

So now comes the real challenge – can we record 10 or 11 tracks, by ourselves, with all our own gear (mainly in Lees flat!), piece by piece in whatever spare time we can grab over the next couple of months and make it sound like Brendan O’Brien was twiddling the knobs?

I dunno. I hope so!! That’s the plan at any rate, and it all seems to be coming up Milhouse so far.

So that’s where and why we’ve been hiding ourselves away. All efforts are being hurled with reckless abandon into the creation of what (we hope!) will be a snarling, angry, tooled up, balls out, epic-bastard-monster of an album!!

…that is all assuming, of course, that Paul EVER finds the drum sound he’s totally happy with. Honestly, I love the guy to pieces, I do - but he’s the fucking Rain Man of percussion. Obsessive Percussive Disorder. Part of me thinks it’s beautiful… the dedication to perfection… the ability to differentiate between the most subtle of nuances on every individual inch of his kit… the sheer bloody-mindedness to whack the piss out of the same snare drum 14,000 times in one sitting and not go completely insane. It’s amazing.

The other part of me just wants to cry and hit him.

Nah! I’m only joking! We’ve got to get it right, right? I’d rather it took us until the end of time but we were all 100% happy with it, than unleash some half-arsed, compromise-riddled piece of shit we weren’t totally in love with. Although to be fair, I fucking hope it DOESN’T take us till the end of time! That would suck balls. I’m sort of hoping for the end of November myself but don’t quote me on that. This might turn out to be a bit more of an epic undertaking than we’d first thought. But don’t worry, whatever happens, you’ll hear about it here first. Or at some point at least. Maybe. If I can be bothered. =)

I suppose that’s the beauty of not being beholden to a record label, or anyone at all other than ourselves, really. There’s no real timescales. We’re not under pressure to get stuff finished… other than the pressure we’re putting on ourselves, obviously. Make no mistake about it – we want to get this thing DONE!! But thank God, there are no Bean Counters standing over our shoulders, quantifying the cost of the last 8 seconds.

Fuck that.

We can take our time.

I mean hey – if someone wants to pick it up and give us a little financial, marketing and tour support, we’re not going to turn it down! …well, not the right deal, anyway. But gone are the days when, basically, you were fucked without a record label behind you. It’s a different world now, a different industry… and probably for the better. But for every positive being independent brings, there are just as many negatives. Money, for one! It’s a trade off. Income or Integrity? Cash or Control? I suppose it’s an easy question to answer when no one’s actually waving fat sacks of currency in your face but still, I think I’d rather do it our way. I want this to be ours. I want it to be perfect.

So we’ll see what happens next. Time, as is regularly the case, will tell. It’s going to be Heads Down, Arses Up for us all over the next few months, there’s a lot of fucking work to do!! We do have a couple of one off gigs booked between now and the end of the year – the next being 9th August at the Tattoo Jam in Doncaster (which I suspect will be a bit of a Legendary Weekend!!) – but other than these handful of shows, our entire focus now is getting this album finished and making it as fucking punishing as we possibly can.

I said it earlier and I meant it… I really, really do miss playing live though. That’s what it’s all about for me. It’s just about the most fun you can have in the world and hell yes – I miss it. I’ve also found it’s pretty easy to let your mind wander off and feel like you’re standing still, not progressing, not pushing things forwards just because all of a sudden, the goal posts have moved. We’re NOT just focussing on booking and preparing for “The Next Gig” anymore. Realistically, I guess that’s been our single purpose up until this point: get gig – rehearse – play gig – repeat.

Now, it’s all a little different. It’s a case of adjusting the goals, the end points I suppose and realising that actually, this is IT – this is officially The Long Haul. …Or the beginning of it at very least. Ultimately, these next few months could end up defining or changing our lives entirely, in one way or another… and it really could go either way.

Spooky stuff, huh?

Maybe a little over-analytical and quite possibly entirely over-dramatic but hey – that’ll be the sleep depravation for you!

Meanwhile, do me a favour and don’t forget about us. We’re still here, doing our thing and for damn sure we’ll be back before long… with a whole mess of new stuff for you all to try and kill each other to. In all honesty, I can’t wait!!

...I just hope I get some fucking sleep before then though.

Nighty night...